hope + union (and vacating the tree house).

hope + union
minimalist decor, so peaceful
banana nutella turnover, covered in little bits of sugar
books, coffee, pretty setting

The past few days have been rough. My weekend was lovely, but apart from that I have been a chaotic, anxious, overly emotional, not-hot-mess. The tree house is fun in theory - and of course wonderful when Tyler is actually in town - but living in constant fear of creatures (and roaches) and having those fears come true late at night would lead anyone to a hotel in their own city, drinking a chocolate milkshake from Burger King for dinner. Right?

It's not just the roaches. It's the lack of peace of mind which leads to negativity in all areas of my life: school, sleep, health, general well-being/happiness, etc. And you know how when one thing goes wrong everything goes wrong? Well, I lost the most sentimentally valuable item I own, my cameo ring from 1900 that happens to be irreplaceable. I'm hoping it will show up like it did a couple years ago when this happened.

Complaints aside, I have a superhuman mother who helps me figure things out, a sweet boyfriend who sends me flowers, friends that make me laugh, and Hope + Union. It's the most beautiful, peaceful coffee shop I've ever experienced, and they serve banana nutella turnovers from heaven.* I don't know what I would do without this perfect, cozy, safe haven that has become my new home.

*From heaven, or Wildflour Pastry. One of the two.