husk lunch.

pecan pie with smokey whipped cream

One of the things I miss most about France is the lazy alfresco lunches.* These lunches would last for hours upon hours. Wine and dessert were always included.

simple/rustic decor
best bread in the world
shrimp and grits // arugula salad

My family had the kind of lunch at Husk that reminded me of my summer days in France (besides the tiny detail that we were eating Southern, local, exquisite cuisine). We sat on their Charleston porch under a big magnolia tree and just revealed in the perfection of the day.

s'mores bread pudding

Unsurprisingly, dessert was our favorite part. S'mores bread pudding, coffee cake with doughnut ice cream, pecan pie and an apple tart with smoked ice cream -- my family really knows how to live.

*A short glimpse of lunch in France. I'm eating a lemon tart. Only words I can make out: "I'm dying. I'm dying right now."