isabel's spice cookies.

spice cookies
spice cookies

Thanks to my sister the baking goddess, I arrived home to a kitchen full of goodies; chocolate "lollipops," marbled peppermint bark, and chewy spice cookies. Her baked goods are always delicious, but these spice cookies are special - achieveing the perfect taste and texture in a cookie is a difficult task. (Mine always end up melting into one big cookie.)

Isabel used this Real Simple recipe and her advice was, "sans black pepper, real butter not margarine, bake for 10 minutes." Another idea: use the white chocolate cream cheese icing from these spice cupcakes, put it between two spice cookies, and make an out-of-control delicious whoopie pie-esque sandwich. Yum.

P.S. Last year she made white chocolate cake bites and an accompanying video tutorial.
P.P.S. The lovely little cake stand pictured is the mary plate, named after my dear friend Mary.