...I've been wondering how I survive without living near my family. They do things like climb refrigerators for fun and do weird handshakes in fancy restaurants and help me redo my apartment and always make me laugh.

...Tyler, Landon and Mike have been getting ready to leave (TOMORROW) for their bike trip. I'm excited for them. But also sad. It's bittersweet. If you are in Charleston, come to their kick-off event this afternoon! Free cupcakes!

...I had the most perfect night of all perfect nights. I sat in the window of La Fourchette with my sweet family, eating almost an entire basket of pomme frites before the meal, drinking red wine from Provence, and reliving sweet France memories. We sat there for three hours without even realizing.

...I have kind of forgotten about my camera. It's too hot to carry anything. All I have to offer is this cheesy self-timer shot of Isabel and me before our lovely French dinner. We are happy in our new clothes.