l'auberge chez francois

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L'Auberge Chez Francois is an enchanting French restaurant tucked away on a winding road in Northern Virginia. Chef Jacques Haeringer (whose family has owned L'Auberge since the 1950s) and his lady Carol are dear friends of my family, and the restaurant has always been very special to us (I have fond memories of a New Years Eve celebration in 2005, watching the adults get rowdy and wishing I could participate in the wine-drinking). We ended up in town on Bastille Day early this month and attended Jacques' garden-to-table celebration. It was such a fun night filled with food and wine into the wee hours, paired with amazing lady-chatter and stories from my mom's childhood friends (who my sister and I have consequently known our whole lives and adore). I loved experiencing a place I've frequented my entire life with a new behind-the-lens perspective and I can't wait to get back up there when the weather's nicer for some french onion soup on the patio.