le voltigeur.

Is it bad that during a ten day stay in Paris, we ate lunch at the same restaurant five times?


We discovered Le Voltigeur on one of our first days in Paris and clearly, we couldn't get enough. It's situated on the perfect people-watching corner in le marais and has some of the best lunch food I've ever tasted. There is no menu; it's whatever quiche, croque monsieur, soup and salad the chef feels like making that day.

le voltigeur

I ordered the quiche every time. I couldn't resist the cute, personal-sized shape.


Their cafe cremes quickly became an addiction as did the chocolate caramels they're served with (which we have since bought and taken to stashing in our purses at all times). We had the same handsome waiter every day and he wore the same chambray shirt every day. We loved him for it.