matt and jen get married

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One sticky afternoon last September, Blake and I drove out to Kiawah Island and photographed our first-ever wedding. We had been in contact with Matt and Jen for almost a year, who contacted me long before I was thinking of photographing weddings. From the beginning we clicked -- although I can't give myself much credit there, because Matt and Jen are the kind of people who would click with anyone. They're thoughtful, sweet, and more laid-back than any other engaged couple in the universe.

For the time spent getting ready, I was with the girls and Blake was with the guys. Being with Jen on her way to see Matt was such an intimate thing to experience, and I loved witnessing her jitters disappear the moment she saw Matt. They were together eight years before getting married and their relationship is so clearly solid. They giggled a lot and put each other at ease.

Blake and I genuinely had the best time -- he even broke it down on the dance floor with our favorite little ring bearer. I'm a sap and I know it, but watching people commit themselves to each other forever and ever will never cease to amaze me.