mini road trip to beaufort.

to-dieeeee-for carrot cake
beaufort waterfront
wine at wren
coffee in beaufort
glittery sunset

Friday afternoon, Melissa and I hopped in the car with soy chais in hand and drove to Beaufort, South Carolina (not to be confused with Beaufort, North Carolina - another coastal town I adore). The drive was beautifully peaceful and the setting sun over the endless marshes further instilled our ever-evolving love for the low country.

I'm writing an article about Beaufort for the upcoming spring issue of Southern Flourish and although brief, the trip was a fun little adventure. We had a drawn-out dinner at a phenomenal restaurant (artsy, delicious, rustic/simple/feminine decor, homemade carrot cake, affordable wine), watched When Harry Met Sally (loved) and slept for more than ten hours. Perfection, in my opinion (and a much needed break after last week's full-time shenanigans.)

P.S. The cause of two laughing attacks: a randomly red, swollen foot that could not fit in my shoe and Melissa as a giant.