mushroom + truffle oil baked pasta.

four cheese truffle oil mac & cheese

I have this weird thing where in the back of my mind, I'm always craving mac and cheese. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I hated it as a kid (Kraft, I'm looking at you) or maybe it's just because a top layer of burnt cheesy pasta has special powers over me. This mushroom and truffle oil baked pasta has quickly become one of my favorite dishes. It's rich, decadent, and sometimes makes appearances in my dreams. I used this recipe, but since cooking isn't exact and I don't usually measure, here are a few helpful notes:

- I use whatever cheeses we happen to have that adds up to about two cups (not including the topping); usually three or four different kinds in the pasta (a good variety of soft and hard cheeses) and parmesan for the topping.
- I used homemade sourdough bread crumbs.
- For the mushrooms and the sauce, the more rosemary and thyme the better.
- The one thing worth measuring is the truffle oil. I love truffle oil, but two tablespoons is enough.
- I cut out the oil and bacon fat and trust me, the pasta is not lacking richness.

*Strangely enough, there are very few photos of this pasta; it always seems to disappear really quickly...
**Serve with Prosecco!