mysterious caves + rope swinging.

hike to the mysterious indian caves
turtle, found
connor climbing, hailey thinking about climbing
boys on the rock

While I love being outside -- lounging in the grass, swimming in the ocean, walking along the battery -- I wouldn't exactly call myself an outdoorsy type gal. One time I went camping in seventh grade and insisted on cleaning my tent once an hour (I didn't want spiders in my sleeping bag). Then there was the time I spent a night in a hotel due to a cockroach fiasco.

Needless to say I was a little apprehensive before our hike to the mysterious Indian caves, but I threw on a dress (?) and some rain boots and went for it. I acquired a few scrapes, got dangerously close to poison oak (which Hailey has since acquired on her forehead) and stuck my head inside the cave. I felt like a certified adventure girl.

hailey, rope-swinging

But I was no adventurer compared to Hailey, who wanted to keep up with the reckless boys and jump off the rope swing into the two-feet-deep river.

bloody foot
bloody foot

At least she made me giggle the rest of the weekend, hobbling around with her wooden cane.

po hailey