new year

I don't know how to aptly express my gratitude, but thank you dear readers for following along this year. The best part about this blog, about photography and travel, is the people I've been lucky enough to meet. Seeing a small glimpse into another existence is both inspiring and humbling -- it will always be what keeps me going. Lots of love to you and yours, and Happy New Year.

Untitled Hope and Union mornings.

Untitled Breakfast beach picnic, rained out.

Untitled Valentine's Day, 6:30am.

Untitled Post-sunset-bikeride wine, Bin 152.

Untitled My first article in Kinfolk Magazine, Lunch in France.

Untitled First ocean dip of the year, still chilly.

Untitled Weekend trip to the Outer Banks.

Untitled Paddleboarding in the pouring rain.

Untitled Loquat season.

Untitled Post-work weekday, the Belmont.

Untitled Springtime porch dinners.

Untitled Geechie/Gullah family-style supper.

Untitled Babysitting Little Brother.

Untitled Early morning bike ride, South of Broad.

Untitled Dawn, the Battery.

Untitled Home, Isabel's high school graduation.

Untitled Impromptu brunch.

Untitled Olivia Rae James Photography, business cards by Blake.

Untitled Harper Poe, Freunde von Freunden.

Untitled Siblings, Gainesville.

Untitled Xiao Bao Biscuit, porch pop-up dinner.

Untitled Del, roadside stand.

Untitled Soup & Negronis.

Untitled Hope and Union, final days.

Untitled Pink Pond Island, mid-summer.

Untitled Parents, 27th Wedding Anniversary.

Untitled Little Celia, first baby shoot.

Untitled Simple dinner, beach house.

Untitled Manhattan from Red Hook.

Untitled A Sunday morning.

Untitled New neighborhood, new view.

Untitled Cohabitation, succulents.

Untitled Hirona Matsuda, Freunde von Freunden.

Untitled Blueberry lemon pancakes, home.

Untitled Beginnings in wedding photography.

Untitled Leaving my baby sister at college, Savannah.

Untitled Absinthe and oysters, Williamsburg.

Untitled Isabel, Sullivan's Island.

Untitled Little red house, downtown Franklin.

Untitled Just outside of Portland, Nate and Katie's house.

Untitled Picking wild blackberries on a path to the ocean, Seattle.

Untitled Campsite, Anacortes.

Untitled Sunrise in Anacortes, freezing on a cliff.

Untitled The Charleston Kinfolk Dinner, Deux Puces Farm.

Untitled Synchronicity in Kinfolk Magazine, Volume 6.

Untitled A feature in Charleston Magazine, Leighton and Tara Derr Webb.

Untitled Christmas Eve champagne with my oldest friends.

Untitled Christmas Dinner, Nan Nan's dining room.

Untitled December 29th wedding, my team, Florence.