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Untitled With my transition into full-time photography, I'm diving head first into the world of wedding photography. My first wedding (on my own) is in a few weeks, but I've been dreaming about weddings day and night and was eager to bring one to life. So this staged wedding shoot, featuring my dear friends Melissa and Martin, was born.

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Walking around the narrow streets South of Broad, it was incredible the amount of  honks, celebratory high-fives, and endless congratulations that were directed at us. At first Martin and Melissa would awkwardly try to correct people, but after the first ten minutes, they were shouting back, "Thank you so much!" I'm a sap, but it truly was touching how people would light up when they saw this "bride and groom." It seemed to make their whole day , which in turn made my whole day. Their genuine joy for Martin and Melissa was inspiring.

Part Two coming tomorrow, including the amazing people who helped me put this together and some public champagne-popping at the waterfront.