pancakes, again, and an ode to sprouted kitchen

Untitled I received my Sprouted Kitchen cookbook in the mail yesterday and promptly read it cover to cover. Simply said, it is perfection. With an emphasis on fresh, wholesome foods, Sara cooks in a way that is healthy and decadent, modest and flavorful.

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Sara's recipes are elegant and understated. She understands that dinner party guests don't want boring hippy food, providing vegan/vegetarian/raw/gluten-free recipes that you would never know are such.  She writes about her affinity for sweets, but how catering to her sweet tooth often means whipping up something like grilled peaches or goat cheese panna cotta instead of a hot fudge sundae filled with a mile-long list of unpronounceable ingredients.  She's "looking out for both of us."

Her introductions and words throughout the book aren't just space-fillers, they're captivating personal stories that bring each recipe to life. Her warmth comes across easily; she feels like a friend you'd want to be around just for the company. And not to mention the gorgeous photography by her husband Hugh -- it is truly magic.

Sara and Hugh's blog has already provided a few staples around here (these pancakes on Sundays, and this soup at least twice a week) and now I want to pull a Julie & Julia and attempt every recipe in the book. But more than anything, this book provides endless inspiration beyond the recipes. Exactly how a cookbook should.