pane e vino (and future adventures).

string lights

After graduation, we ate dinner under string lights on the patio of Pane e Vino, a charmingly authentic Italian restaurant. It felt so old-world European with the frequent group toasts, lively music, and tipsy middle-agers dancing with complete abandon.


Throughout the process of making Adventure Musings, it became more and more apparent that traveling is what I need. It's what gives me fire and life, what makes me feel most like myself -- reading and writing and photographing and eating and seeing and experiencing.

Which is why, come August, I'm taking off to Europe! First I'm going to Spain with one of my oldest friends, then I'm going to my beloved France to work as an au pair, and then Melissa is going to join me and we're going to travel everywhere else we can possibly manage.

Needless to say, I am over-the-moon excited. It just feels right.

(Although I'm really going to miss nights like this.)