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Untitled Charlie Magazine recently assigned me, along with four other photographers, a project on inspiration -- no rules or guidelines, we were simply told to capture what inspires us. Inspiration comes in such varied, intangible forms, but in thinking about what I most wanted to explore I kept coming back to the idea of partnership. I'm used to photographing engagements and weddings and new love, but I wanted to focus on what comes after that; everyday love. Working on this project was beyond rewarding -- each of the six pairs had invaluable bits of wisdom to offer. I've included blurbs below, but pick up a copy of Charlie to read more.

“We don't take ourselves too seriously. Josh does dumb stuff to make me laugh all the time and it's amazing. He’s my best buddy.”

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“We miraculously find our way back to each other through every impasse. There is a home between us that is unwavering.”

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 “We hope that the passion we have for producing food with real integrity inspires our children to grow a business of their own one day.”


 "We met by chance on an NYC subway while going about our daily lives as architects. If in that moment we hadn’t exchanged contact info, our lives would be totally different today. We now realize the importance of trusting our hearts and following our instincts.”


 “When we work together he's sometimes the leader and I'm sometimes the leader but there’s never any ego involved. Traditional roles aren’t applicable and we’re able to get amazing things done with patience and respect.”


 “To us it’s about growing together -- letting each other constantly evolve and being actively involved in that evolution.”

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