peanut butter-banana semifreddo.

pb-banana creamy frozen goodness

Peanut butter, banana and I have a long history together. I was an avid patron of the Elvis Presley sandwich during elementary school lunches when I hated PB&J's and yogurt was embarrassing. So peanut butter and banana made into a creamy, nutty, rich but refreshing ice-cream-like dessert is kind of my dream come true.

I have been on a cooking and baking spree at our beach house because a) my mom supplies the ingredients and b) we have unlimited time and no major obligations. We picked up a copy of food network magazine, and surprisingly found some incredible recipes. Normally I wouldn't attempt a recipe like the peanut butter-banana semifreddo, because the ingredients and number of steps seem endless. Turns out, the steps are fairly simple and the outcome makes the process more than worth it.