peru part 1 | lima

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Harper and I arrived in Lima in the middle of the night, and the forty-minute cab ride through empty streets didn't even give us a glimpse of what the city is like. We woke up the next morning to discover that Lima is filled to the brim with insane traffic, vibrant textiles, stray dogs, pink sunsets, and the most gorgeous foliage.

We split our time between the Miraflores district where we stayed (Hostal El Patio, a sweet oasis) and the Barranco neighborhood. Miraflores reminded us of LA with its tall palm trees, industrial skyscrapers, and grand cliffs over the Pacific. We spent countless hours in the Incan markets, wandered through the bizarre-but-cool Mario Testino museum, ate our weight in ceviche, and fell in deep love with pisco (and maracuya) sours. The flowers decorating the streets in Lima are next level, and it was sometimes hard for me to get down a street with all the photos I felt compelled to take. Coming from Charleston, we were not too phased by the intense humidity but gah, it was steamy. Perhaps the funniest part of our time in Lima was being interviewed by a local television station about the ceviche we were eating. We tried to pull the "no Spanish" card, but they were not having it -- we just laughed and grinned with our mouths full.