porch sittin'.


Lately I've been a little restless. This weird transitional time is exciting and what I've been looking forward to my entire life (no more school, ever!), but also scary and easy to over-analyze. I'm guilty of putting too much pressure on myself and consequently feeling helplessly overwhelmed.

roasted carrots and potatoes
by ben

Given my current state of over-thinking, I've been having multiple life-changing realizations a day -- one being that good friends are not overrated. Seems obvious, but I've gone through phases of my life when friends weren't a priority. Relationships, work, school, and a million other things can take precedence. But I've realized that good friends aren't just an occasional luxury, they're an absolute necessity.

Yesterday afternoon, what was meant to be a quick stop to say hi to Ben turned into four hours of glorious relaxation on the porch. Turns out, good friends paired with hours of talking and giggling, crispy roasted vegetables*, and idyllic spring weather was exactly what I needed.

*Ben (apprehensively) roasted carrots and potatoes in lots of olive oil and sea salt at a high temperature, so they were crispy and chip-like and all kinds of delicious. Hailey and I were blown away and emptied the bowl in minutes.