raspberry shortbread bars.

raspberry & pecan shortbread bar

Let's be honest. January is depressing.

I miss sunshine. I miss the farmers' market. I miss my heirloom tomato man. I miss iced soy chais. I miss the smell of jasmine. I miss swimming in the ocean. I miss fruit making up the majority of my diet.  I really miss wearing jorts.

raspberry shortbread bars
raspberry shortbread bars

The January gloom inspired me to reinvent my favorite warm weather dessert, peach shortbread bars. I followed Deb's recipe but used regular softened butter, frozen raspberries instead of peaches, and sprinkled pecans and brown sugar on top. Delicious and pretty and light-ish and satisfying.

raspberry short bread bars

Until I can break out the jorts and stroll to the farmers' market, these will definitely suffice.