reasons why i am in love with charleston (part deux).

broad street.
open gate, sun streaks
the dock street theatre
moped, basket +flowers

1. Walking down Broad Street makes me feel like I could be in any decade.
2. The abundance of foodies and amazing restaurants.
3. The intoxicatingly fragrant flowers and honeysuckle.
4. It's surrounded by water on three sides (a peninsula!) which makes me feel good.
5. I feel completely connected to this city in a million little ways.*

*Reasons include (but are not excluded to): 1. When my great aunt (now in her nineties) was a teenager, she spent a summer living in a house two doors down from my building and 2. Both my mom's brothers also spent a summer living in Charleston when they were in their twenties to perform at the Dock Street Theater (third photo).