savannahparis market
gorgeous architecture
savannah from the parking garage
savannah fountain

Whenever I try to describe Savannah, I find myself at a loss for words. In some ways it's strikingly similar to Charleston and in others, it's completely different. I always stay for such short amounts of time so although I do feel familiar with it, I also find myself wanting to delve deeper into the soul of the city.

My cutie sister is thinking about going to SCAD. She is almost done with her junior year of high school (what!?), so college plans are rapidly transitioning from thoughts to realities. Isabel seems to be completely smitten with the city and the school, and I'm certainly not opposed; she would be less than two hours away from me.

The only alternative that would make me happier, on an entirely personal and selfish level, is Charleston. (We could be roomies!?)