saying goodbye.

tribute ride in honor of Edwin
a picture says a thousand words. favorite photo of the entire  week.

On the already-emotional morning the boys pedaled away, they joined more than 450 cyclists on a bike ride in honor of Edwin Gardner, a Charlestonian who was recently killed in a cycling accident. The ceremonial ride was the perfect way to honor Edwin's life, and it meant a lot to Tyler, Landon and Mike to be a part of it. The hundreds of bikers plus all of our families sent the boys off in the best spirits possible, and I think it was a beautiful way to begin their journey.

Three months isn't that long in the big scheme of things, but it definitely seems like a long time right now. Saying goodbye was kind of a blur, and before I knew it the boys hopped on their bikes and were out of sight. Tears were shed. Luckily they will be coming through Nashville soon, so I don't have to be sad just yet.