scenes from charleston.

The Best Black Bean Soup In The World.
adorable melissa, who reminds me of a girl from the 60s in this photo...
charleston streets
john talking at pecha kucha
french bread & truffle potato soup
white sailboat
mom & me at rally

1. The Best Black Bean Soup In The World* (that is now a Friday afternoon tradition at Fuel).
2. Melissa wearing the cutest expression of all time at Closed For Business.
 3. Brick streets are just the beginning of why I'm in love with this city.
4. Pecha Kucha nights full of inspiration also top that list.
5. Late night truffle potato soup (plus french bread and butter) that rivals these truffled fries.*
6. November weather warm enough to walk along the battery in short sleeves and a skirt.
7. Happy 50th Birthday to my beautiful, graceful, momma/ best friend, who truly does not look a day over 30. Ditto everything I said last year. (disclaimer: this is not a Charleston scene, it's a D.C. scene)

*it has really been a soup kind of week.