scenes from charleston.

valentine's-inspired gerber daisies
crabcake benedict
dreamy curtains, cozy mornings
caramel salted brownies
wine & cheese night with my momma
pretty steeples
black bean burger and sweet potato fries
valentine's gerber daisies

1. Valentine's-inspired gerber daisies.
2. Crabcake benedict on a charming patio.
3. Dreamy curtains that inspire lazy mornings.
4. Caramel salted brownies... 
5. Wine and cheese night with my momma.
6. Pretty steeples on every corner.
7. Fuel's black bean burger and sweet potato fries.
8. More gerber daisies. Because I love them.*

Outtakes: A second wine and cheese night with friends, my colorful new go-to lunch, and the sweetest couple of all time.

*Only in monochromatic arrangements. I separated all the yellow ones from this bouquet for a separate arrangement.