scenes from franklin.

my favorite kind of dinner
fall-colored mums at the franklin farmers market
random gas station in cabin form
chocolate peanut butter brownie with pistachio gelato
so many signs of fall at the farmers market
fall drinks at marche
spinach and mushroom lasagna, concocted recipeless by my mom

1. My favorite kind of dinner: family, friends, dining room, candlelight, amazing food.
2. Fall-colored mums at the Franklin farmers' market.
3. Melissa and Mattie in rockers at a log cabin-style gas station on the interstate
4. Chocolate peanut butter brownie with pistachio gelato from Burger Up.
5. Signs of fall at the farmers' market, even if the summer weather won't budge.
6. Chalkboard list of drinks at Marché I'm storing away to try at home.
7. Spinach mushroom lasagna my mom whipped out sans recipe (being devoured in photo 1).
8. My cutie sister, who puts sour gummy worms on her red velvet frozen yogurt.