scenes from franklin.

cuddly family
farmers market
franklin factory
backyard in the rain
the best pasta ever
he can't help how cute he is

Knowing I'm leaving makes little things stand out. The way my mom lights every candle in every room, the way my dad hugs me 100+ times a day, the way my sister and I lie on her bed at night, talking and laughing and recording ridiculous voicemail greetings. The way Nan Nan and I get giddy about Barcelona (she's meeting me there!) as she lets me try on her kimonos from when she lived in Japan in the sixties. The way our five animals sometimes drive me insane but always win me over.

How the way I feel about my family is the only way I've ever known to feel about family, and how fortunate I am just to know they will be here when I get back, ready to greet me with candles and hugs and New York accents and kimonos.