scenes from the farm (part 1).

garden summer fieldfeast

1. A leftover sign from the Garden Summer Fieldfeast.

so many great porches

2. One of the many dreamy porches on the farm.

travel & leisure from the 90s, it looks so much older

3. Vintage magazine reading on the patio.

hush sweetie, mommy's dancing

4. The other way Hailey made me giggle all weekend.

easter morning

5. Easter morning brunch (which included brownies for dessert).


6. Charlie.

my new favorite subjects

7. My new favorite subjects (evidenced here, here, and here).

sourdough bread rising

8. 100-year-old sourdough bread, rising.

easter celebrations aka lots of chocolate

9. A rare quiet moment with coffee and chocolate before the egg hunt.

impromptu photo stops in the middle of nowhere

10. Roadside stops for photoshoots in the middle of nowhere.