scenes from the farm (part 2).

the twins' hidden campsite

1. The twins' hidden campsite.

the amazing woman responsible for so much beauty in the world.

2. The amazing woman responsible for all of this beauty.

flower fields and pretty barns

3. Flower fields and pretty barns.


4. One of my boyfriends for the weekend (notice the flower).

cozy sweaters and charades

5. A game of charades on the first cozy night (I did Groundhog Day even though I've never seen it. My main clue was chocolate + wine).

the mule

6. The "mule," perfect for day-time transportation and night-time star-gazing joy rides (I could never stop smiling while on it).

lunch on the patio

7. A stunning view at a lazy lunch that extended to hours of lounging in the sun.


8. Red gate, yellow flowers.

adventures on the paddleboat

9. Adventures on the paddleboat.

this sums things up quite nicely

10. White wine and goofiness-- a perfect summation of our time at the farm.