summertime eating.


Summer is, and has always been, my favorite season. It's not only the ideal time for shenanigans like floating down rivers and sunset wine walks, but it's also the time for colorful, simple, and healthy (but still exciting) eating (peaches! berries! corn on the cob! watermelon!)*.

hombre beet
peach/cornbread dessert

I mentioned that the beach house is the place where I fell in love with cooking, but I didn't mention that it came about by carefully observing my mom. I remember always being in awe of her ability to feed a house full of people beautiful food night after night. It was never a chore to her -- she would casually spend hours in the kitchen -- chopping and stirring and sipping wine -- and all of the sudden our table would overflow with the most delicious food. It seemed like magic.

We've only been here a few days, but my mom is already on a serious roll. (Although not pictured, crab cakes, butter beans, and key lime pie is our go-to summer meal.)

*Fish tacos and sangria margaritas are also essential to summertime eating.
**Summer grub from last year.