sunday night kayaking.

My arms are sore from kayaking, and it is the best feeling in the world.

laura doing all the hard labor
reason #2,941 why i'm in love with charleston
beautiful happy laura
peaceful charleston harbor + red kayak
laura's infinite dock
ancient oak trees + reflections

Sunday night I went over to my friend Laura's house, which happens to be overlooking the Charleston harbor complete with a stunning view of downtown Charleston. What started out as a flustered, fire-breathing me* turned into a relaxed, happy, not-a-care-in-the-world me.

It's a little disturbing how comfortable I am in summer mode (see the two-week mark), and then how quickly I forget about it. Kayaking on the peaceful water at sunset made me realize how important it is to find time to step away from all stress and obligations, in order for me to regain perspective and appreciate the abundance of loveliness in my life.**

*I had to leave my apartment (for construction purposes) for eight weeks. Besides the fact that I'm a certified homebody and my apartment is my sacred haven, I moved into Tyler's empty tree house which is a little outdoorsy for my taste (read: huge green lizard jumped out at me, followed by a major meltdown, followed by a desperate call to my bug-control man who I'm on a first name basis with, followed by him laughing at me for a good five minutes after seeing my swollen-from-crying eyes before catching the lizard). It's been a rocky transition.

**Note to self: zoning out in front of the Cooking Channel does not count.