sunset sail in charleston.

the green goblin
swallowing water

Before I left Charleston we spent a lot of time with our new friend Susan (an amazing photographer and all-around awesome person) who was visiting from Brooklyn.

On one of Susan's last nights, we packed some food (and wine) and giddily sailed The (green) Goblin around the Charleston peninsula. It was sort of ridiculous how beautiful it was, with the sun setting in the background and dolphins swimming by occasionally. When the sun had gone down and it was almost dark, we decided to jump in the water fully clothed. (Side note: dresses are super heavy when soaking wet.) We were laughing so hard, I actually thought I was going to drown.

It was one of the most beautiful nights ever -- a memory I go back to often -- and it helped me realize my lifelong dream of marrying a sailor and going on nightly sunset sails, forever and ever.

To see more of Susan's photos (including our float down the river and Hailey & Ben being disgustingly cute) visit her portfolio here.