sunset with katie.


While on a solo walk along the battery last night, I serendipitously ran into one of my dearest friends Katie, who happened to be soaking up her last sunset in Charleston before moving to Brooklyn.


I planned on seeing her later for tacos anyway, but I was so happy to run into her at this moment. She was completely in it -- blasting music from her car and watching white sailboats pass as the sun disappeared into the still-as-glass water.

Katie is the kind of person you always find yourself on an adventure with. She is adored by everyone, and rightfully so; she's one of the most magnetic people I've ever met. And although I'm selfishly sad, I'm excited for all the New Yorkers whose lives are about to get much, much brighter.

P.S. More Katie: floating the river, at brunch, strolling down King Street, porch sittin', and with choocovine.