taco boy.

delicious, beautiful, colorful, fresh salad
taco boy/colorful lights
beautiful melissa
agave-sweetened margs + colorful menus
cheesey grilled corn on the cob

Mexican food is often synonmous with heavy, greasy, super-sized portions known to induce food comas.  I admit that at times nothing else will satiate my appetite, but usually I want Mexican food that is beautiful, fresh, healthy, and equally satisfying.
We have been going to Taco Boy on Folly Beach forever but last year a location opened up downtown (their website front page cracks me up, who is that guy?). No offense to our sweet authentic Taco Boy that brought us many years of joy and nachos, but I like the downtown location even better. There's an outdoor patio bigger than the inside of the restaurant decorated with hanging lights, colorful stained glass, Mexican candles, and Frida Kahlo-inspired artwork. The festive, laid-back atmosphere on the patio does wonders for my spirit. I feel lighter within the first thirty seconds of being there.
They have pineapple margaritas sweetened with agave, cheesy vendor-style corn-on-the-cob, and dozens of fish taco variations. This is my kind of Mexican food.