Honeymoon in Paris

Five months later, I'm so excited to finally share these snapshots (all taken on my little Leica d-lux) from our honeymoon. We spent eight days in Paris exploring the city by foot (100+ miles!) and stopping often for coffee/wine/cheese/pastries. We were floating the entire time, and I told almost every person we met that we were on our honeymoon. :)

Wandering is of course the best way to explore Paris, but here are a few of our highlights worth seeking out:

  • Au Petit Fer a Cheval
  • Au Passage
  • Buvette
  • Ducasse Chocolate
  • Allard
  • the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night
  • strolling through touristy Montmartre before the crowds arrive
  • market goodies from Rue Montorgueil
  • coffee in Luxembourg Gardens
  • shopping, hanging, and people-watching in le Marais
  • finding any rooftop to see Paris from above (and hopefully catch a sunset)