the beach in october.

the pretty atlantic
beach day in october
palmetto trees
covered in sandglittery water
Although fall is my favorite season in Charleston* and I've been ecstatic about our weather finally cooling down, it also reminds the Debbie Downer in me of what is to come; the claustrophobic feeling of dead winter, when you crave the warmth of the sun so bad it's almost unbearable.
On Monday afternoon, I was itching to be in the sunshine. Too much time in over-airconditioned classrooms and coffee shops left me with chills that wouldn't go away and my body literally begging for Vitamin D. I didn't have anyone to go with and I didn't even have a towel or chair, but the beach was calling my name. I covered my legs in warm sand and stuck my toes in the chilly water. I left feeling happy, rejuvenated, and salty - perfect way to start a week.

P.S.  I guest posted on reasons why I heart Charleston on the SoHo today!

*Subject to change. In March I might say it's spring and and in May I might say it's summer. But I really do love fall.