the isle of skye.

deliriously giddy

The final destination of our road trip was the most breathtaking place I have ever seen. I honestly struggle to find words to describe it, and even photos frustrate me because I feel like they don't begin to do it justice. To get to Skye, we drove all the way through the highlands, took a teeny tiny ferry, and drove on a single lane road (you literally have to pull over if another car is coming) to arrive in this incredible island at the very northern tip of Scotland.

Being in Skye feels like being on the edge of the earth. Waternish, the town where we stayed, has a population of 400 and it was only dark for about four hours. Every single person we met we completely fell in love with, and all the fish we ate was caught that day. We also lucked into staying at the most beautiful bed & breakfast run by the absolute nicest couple.

We were deliriously giddy the entire time and I genuinely felt like I wanted to drop everything, move to Skye and become a crofter (if it wasn't so cold...). Nothing beats natural beauty, local food and amazing people. Skye is my heaven.

sunset/sunrise - me on top of mountain
boys watching the sunset
so many colors.
bed & breakfast