the oregon coast

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A few shots from our drive along the Oregon coast back in March, after a restless night in an A-frame where our 3am wakeup call was a mouse falling from the ceiling. Unable to sleep we got on the road bright and early, stopping for breakfast at a diner that promised "the best breakfast in the county." I'm pretty sure it was the only breakfast in the county, but it was good. We then paid five dollars to drive through the Chandelier tree (twice), stopped to see the Sea Lion Caves ("America's Largest!") and ended seven hours up the coast at a hotel in Lincoln City. We ordered she-crab soup and a bottle of wine, sat in front of the big windows and watched the sunset. The next morning we took our watery coffee down to the ocean -- Blake discovered some tide pools with starfish and other colorful creatures, and then got stranded on a rock as the tide quickly came in.