the secret sisters

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I first learned about the Secret Sisters in Garden & Gun Magazine a couple years ago -- I was drawn in by their gorgeous album cover and then floored when I heard their buttery-smooth, angelic voices (so beautiful it hurts!).

After spontaneously buying Iron & Wine tickets outside the venue the night of the show, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Secret Sisters were opening! Their voices sounded even better in person and they had such personality and sass, I couldn't help but mention to Blake how much I would love to photograph them. He encouraged me to reach out to them and I did, not expecting to hear back. Lydia responded almost immediately saying they'd love to take some photos and they'd be back in a few months touring with Nickelcreek. So that is the story of how I found myself wandering around Charleston one afternoon with Lydia, Laura, and their tour manager Jay. They were so sweet and funny, teased each other (they are actual sisters), and were up for anything despite their uncomfortable shoes and the fact that they had to play a show for thousands of people that night.

(They just came out with a new album -- listen here and fall in love!)