the time we stayed in a 15th century castle.

the castle.

After we left Provence, we drove to Toulouse and stayed for a night (where we had the best pomme frites in the world, hands down) and then continued on to Angouleme. We woke up not knowing where we were sleeping that night, and somehow ended up in a 15th century castle by ourselves.

A friend of Mike's dad generously offered for us to stay in his "chateau" in the country, so when Patrice and his beautiful family drove us out to their castle, we were kind of freaking out. Patrice showed us around the castle, had a glass of pineau with us (a wine/juice/liquor drink his family has made for generations) and then set off, leaving the three of us there. I swear I almost had a heart attack/giggle fit as they drove away, as I started to realize the three of us were going to live in this castle for the next three days.

yay castle!
hanging around the castle..breakfast on the terrace/walking through cornfields
tyler: videotaping cornfields and waving from his window.