the two-week mark.

the sand dunes.
fresh fish cakes
windy night on the dunes.
daily uniform & jasper.

At our beach house we have something called "the two-week mark." It's what happens after you've been here for two weeks and you truly sink into beach mode, as in: the real world feels further and further away, you forget all ambition, and you start reading entire books in one day (I just finished this one). Also, you can't remember what you used to wear besides one cotton dress and the thought of putting on makeup seems outrageous.

I officially passed the two-week mark a couple days ago.

It's been storming every night; huge storms that roll in with orange skies and slow cracks of loud thunder. We've been waking up before seven every day, climbing sand dunes on windy nights (mistake), swimming in the 58 degree ocean, and eating seafood like there is no tomorrow.