tree house living.

coral paper lantern on the porch
spiral staircase (makes  moving in and out slightly difficult)
wine + poetry
hidden hammock in the trees
old map of france from national geographic
morning light

Turns out, tree house living isn't so bad after all.* I have a map of France to stare at, a handmade wooden table for my red wine and Langston Hughes, and it makes for really cozy sleeping. The only drawback is that it reminds me how much I miss my boyfriend, since this is our place for epic garden parties, French wine and cheese, lounging in the sun, spring dinners on the porch, taking photos with film cameras, and snuggling after winter bike rides.

Even though I miss the boys, the time is flying by as they are almost to Oregon - which means it won't be too long before I meet them in Los Angeles, and they will be able to say they traveled 4,300 miles via bicycle. Luckily they'll be back in time for Halloween so we can put up Tyler's glittery jack-o-lantern lights.

*Especially since my bug control man came back and sealed up the tree house. So there, lizards.