two farm moments worthy of recognition.

by ben

1. Ben took this photo after a hike to mysterious Indian caves. It is perfection, as was our day. One of my favorite parts about our time at the farm was being constantly surrounded by Hailey's amazing family with lots of reckless boys. Injuries from the weekend include but are not limited to: a fake raccoon attack, a real barbwire fence attack, and a rope swing/river-related foot fiasco.

terrified, shocked, excited, had enough

2. I shot a gun. It should be known that I hate guns. But Gary was a reassuring teacher and a mimosa had been consumed and before I knew it I was pulling the trigger. I screamed, then laughed, then ran away. It was hilarious and definitely a once-in-a-lifetime sort of experience.

P.S. An impromptu "silent film" from the farm. Interpretive dancing by Hailey and Ben, piano by me.