victoria and zack get married

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One of my oldest friends got married a few weeks ago in Nashville. It was laid-back and cozy, with the tent set up right in her backyard. Getting ready in her childhood bedroom felt so surreal -- the site of so many sleepovers, Sex and the City marathons, boy drama, cookie dough out of the container, white wine with ice cubes, and on and on. Ah, memories.

Victoria is so funny -- she's not your typical bride. When Zack called out from his room that he needed help with his tie, Victoria immediately busted through the door to assist, wedding dress and all. He tried to shield his eyes, but Victoria wouldn't have it. Her dad walked by and shook his head in semi-mock disapproval, just like he did millions of times way back when. Victoria wanted to see her man and so she did.

I don't know Zack well, but I do know that Victoria was as happy as I have ever seen her. And that made me happy. I wish these two lovebirds all the best.