peek at the photoshoot table scape.
farmers' market in marion square.
rosemary purple potatoes
ohhh the life of a model.
colorful potatoes
almond gelato "shooter" from paolo's.

After a (super successful!) photo shoot that lasted all day Friday, the rest of the weekend was spent reveling in relaxation - a trip to the farmers' market (I bought double the baby heirloom tomatoes I did last week, I can't get enough of them), some valued time in the kitchen (recipes to come), and eating and drinking with friends. The thing I love most about being back in a routine is feeling that my life is "under control," whatever that means.

I just feel content right now with the simplest things - seeing the sunrise from my kitchen window and cooking good meals for myself, while balancing my inherent homebody with making a point to see friends and appreciating the gorgeous city I call home.

Not pictured: post-photo shoot cold sake and garden rolls, a lovely French dinner with friends (where we met two adorably precocious 11-year-olds), and a late night walk down King Street filled with millions (it seemed) of eager freshmen. Even so, it was the first night that wasn't unbearably hot and walking miles for a "shot" of almond gelato was completely worth it.