tank tops and fall colors
2 dozen mini cupcakes for 1 birthday girl
mimosas at fuel
2 dozen mini chocolate cupcakes for 1 cute birthday girl
charleston is quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world
birthday girl with fried green tea ice cream

This weekend was quite possibly the most perfect weekend of my life. Harry Potter, a pot luck dinner with sweet potato pie, and an anniversary party for Bin 152 would have been enough, but then my sister arrived in Charleston and completed my life.

The birthday festivities lasted all weekend as we endlessly ate delicious food and had a minimum of two desserts after every meal. We absolutely refused to be indoors; breezy seventy-five degree weather at the end of November is enough to make anyone giddy. Being with my sister makes me feel infinitely content and reminds me how lucky I am that my family doubles as my best friends (thanks for being born, Isabel!).

To sum up: my cheeks are sore from smiling, I love my sister a lot, this weekend could not have been more amazing, and I am really happy.

P.S. Yes, I wore my lace shirt all weekend. What can I say? When I find something I love, I love it.