worthwhile = heaven
the most sinful/delicious/ridiculous hot chocolate i have ever experienced
melissa's christmas sock feet
stirring hot chocolate
christmas lights + palmettos
gingersnaps with white chocolate/peppermint kisses

It's safe to say that Christmas Extravaganza 2010 was a success. We made homemade hot chocolate using dark chocolate, white chocolate, peppermint patties, and topped it with whipped cream and candy canes. Need I say more?

Other things of note: the best cocktail with fresh rosemary and grapefruit juice, a walk in 30-something degree weather to get frozen yogurt, rainy day movie watching, and brunch with Shannon at Charleston Cafe (in town for the weekend before she moves to Colombia).

P.S. See Christmas Extravaganza 2009 where we built gingerbread houses and used an insane amount of jujubes (and ate an insane amount of candy).