This weekend was one for the books. Life-changing, even. From now on, I will see the world from a new perspective...

festive sparkly nails
christmas get togethers
downtown franklin
happy, seeing me!
little angel lily watching fireworks
chocolate vanilla bean cookies with salty caramel glaze

...because I had laser eye surgery! What a bizarre thing. I didn't talk about it much beforehand because I was afraid of horror stories (especially with my fainting history...) but it was such an easy process, especially considering the fact that I can now see for the rest of my life! I am so happy. I was even so slap happy immediately post surgery that I made my dad snap this terrifying photo.

Other things of note: cookie/pie/brownie baking, Marché brunching, stocking stuffer shopping, frozen yogurt eating (currently loving praline), and Christmas movie watching (The Family Stone is my favorite, Luke Wilson is amazing).

Last night as a fitting end to an already perfect weekend, we watched fireworks, drank Prosecco, and laughed until we cried. I don't think it gets better than this.