This weekend, there was a much-anticipated weekly trip to the farmers market to see my heirloom tomato man.

charleston farmers' market

Then there was cooking, and the discovery of an adaptation to the quinoa recipe that I actually like better.

quinoa/roasted heirloom tomato heaven.
(click photo for recipe)

There was also baking for a potluck dinner party with friends, specifically these peach shortbread bars, that happen to be phenomenal.

INCREDIBLE peach short bread bars, from Smitten Kitchen

Then there was more baking, but only because I didn't want my best friend, the caramel sea-salt brownie, to feel left out (plus it was my friend's 21st birthday).


There was also sleeping in till nine (my record), lazy mornings on the couch with coffee and the cooking channel, babysitting the most stinkin adorable kids in the world, and lots of overall snuggly, cozy, perfect, downtime.