favorite thing about brunch - so many drinks
summer in january
homemade nutella, but better (made with almond butter by isabel)
french lunch on the patio
tank top weather
cutest pup
cake stands in the making

I spent the weekend with my sweet momma, who drove nine hours alone to get to Charleston. That is true love. She brought with her outrageously beautiful weather - warm enough for tank tops and outdoor eating. We decided where to eat solely based on which restaurants have the best patios.

Other things of note: chocolate almond spread by the spoonful (homemade by Isabel), apartment rearranging (it feels like a new place), a late night spent at my favorite places (Bin 152 and the Belmont), and a cozy night on the couch with our own wine and cheese spread. Most importantly, we worked and worked and worked on lovely little cake stands (but more on that later).

It is so nice having my mom in town. I sleep better and feel at peace. We get to walk and talk in person instead of on the phone. She insists on taking me grocery shopping when I don't need anything and driving her car even when I know the way. I don't think I will ever let her stop taking care of me.