tennessee home
truffle grilled cheese
peanut butter popsicle. and my dad.
sunset ride in the bug convertible
plane ride, bna-chs
truffle heaven

I had the most relaxing week at home with my family (read: I was lazy and it was glorious). It's almost frightening how easily I can transition into hermit-mode.

I baked enough to put myself on a temporary baking hiatus, spent time downtown with friends eating (cinnamon doughnuts) and drinking (at a Speakeasy), and cherished dinners with my family -- whether we were eating Indian takeout and watching Best in Show or sitting around the table for hours eating mushroom truffle pasta and drinking red wine.

On Saturday evening we went for a ride in our little convertible bug on the peaceful country back roads that truly feel like home. It was the only sun we saw all week, and between my dad's car-dancing and Isabel's singing at the top of her lungs, I could not stop laughing. It was one of those moments where I made a conscious effort to absorb my surroundings and store the memory away for a rainy day.

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